Sunday, October 13, 2013

Superhero Party!

We celebrated my son's 4th birthday last month and had so much fun together!

When he woke up, he was so excited I just had to take a picture of him even though he was still in his pajamas.  The backdrop is San Francisco's skyline. I used poster board and cut out the skyline and taped it to our wall. The banner idea came from One Charming Party.

For the party favor bags, I used plain brown paper bags, printed out these superheroes in color which I found through Google images and glued them on.  I added some sleeves for Wonder Woman to make her a bit more modest. Inside the bags we had superhero Pez dispensers, superhero stickers, a superhero notebook, and some other fun trinkets. 

Oops. This picture is a little crooked.  Oh well.  I also made red capes for all the kids. 

We played a bunch of games with the kids. First, we had Superman Smash. The kids had to use their super strength to get the wall to fall. 

Hungry Hulk required the kids to throw balls into Hulk's mouth.  I used a huge cardboard box that my work was going to throw away and covered it with posterboard.  This was probably my favorite project. 

The Flash Dash required the kids to dash around a bunch of cones.

We also played capture the villain!  The kids LOVED this game and although there was quite a bit of chaos, it was really fun.

I made a piñata for his party.  Unfortunately, I asked the men to hang it up and they didn't see the holes I had punched in for them to string it up nicely. Instead, they came up with the ingenious (read: ridiculous) idea to hang it like this.  So much for all my hard work.  :)  But, the kids loved it. I used this tutorial for the piñata. 

The cake!  

We used  the printouts from One Charming Party again for his cake. We framed some of my husband's old comic books for the backdrop.

My son simply wanted chicken nuggets, strawberries, and apple juice for lunch so that is what I served.  While they ate, everyone enjoyed a short episode of a superhero show.

Enjoying the cake!


Anonymous said...

Love the hulk toss game. Made one for my sons party using your idea. Didn't come out as cute as yours but I tried. I'll be sure to send a link back to your site once I add it to my fav party site.

BBC said...

Thanks Marilyn!!! I'm sure yours turned out great!