Saturday, September 17, 2011

I love Target... or not.

Target is one of my favorite stores... great designs at reasonable prices.  What more could you ask for?  Well, better customer service for one!

I purchased a super cute Missoni for Target baby shirt for my girlfriend who is having a baby shower next month, but I got two emails from Target saying that the order was delayed and that it wouldn't be arriving until after the baby shower.  So I went online to cancel it so that I can get her something else in time for the shower.  

Imagine my surprise when I logged online to realize that Target does not allow you to cancel an order online!!! So I was stuck calling their phone number and waiting on the looooooong wait to talk to a person since their automated system doesn't allow you to cancel either.  When I finally got to talk to someone, they told me they could not cancel the order yet because I only had 30 minutes from the time I ordered to cancel.   Never mind that their email very clearly states that I can cancel the item if they haven't shipped and as you can clearly see below, my item has not shipped yet.

I of course asked to speak to a supervisor. Gratefully, it was an American this time and I thought, surely, they will be more reasonable.  No such luck.  The person claimed that the item was already in the "shipping queue" and therefore I was unable to cancel the order.  I responded by saying that the company's policy is not, "if the item is not in the shipping queue, you can cancel your order", but rather, "if the item has not shipped, you can cancel your order"!  I told him, there is no gray area here, either the item has shipped and is currently on its way to my house or it is still in the warehouse.  He then tried to say that the item had been shipped for all intents and purposes of canceling the order.  I immediately refuted that by saying that he was completely contradicting himself... first he told me it hasn't physically left the warehouse but was in the "shipping queue" but then told me that it had shipped. It was absolute bull. So I asked to speak to his supervisor... he tried to tell me that I was the end of the road for this matter.  I responded by saying, "So are you telling me that you are the CEO of Target because clearly, you have a supervisor and I want to talk to him!" He said that for this purpose, he was.  After some more back and forth, he agreed to put me through to his supervisor. 

Enter second supervisor.  Same response.  Although he did add that the email was worded improperly. He said all he could do was"attempt" to call the warehouse and see if he could cancel the order.  But, I wouldn't be able to find out the result for another five days (not business days).  I was appalled.  I told him, this is one of the most basic things I should be able to do and instead I have to spend an inordinate amount of time on the phone in order to still not get this resolved?????  Yes.

ONE HOUR AND SEVEN MINUTES LATER.... I'm stuck waiting for five days for an answer that I'm sure will saying something like... "Sorry, but we just want to stick it to you so... no, we can't cancel your order." To say I'm disappointed in Target is an understatement.  I expect greater customer service from a huge company like Target.  They failed to uphold their end of the deal (e.g. deliver their product as promised) and failed to uphold their claim in their email that said I could cancel if the item had not been shipped.  And really, isn't EVERYTHING purchased online in a "shipping queue" was it is first purchased? It's just a way for them to screw people over. 

So lesson of the day: Don't purchase anything from Target online unless you're ABSOLUTELY SURE you won't need to cancel the order for any reason, even if they are unable to actually deliver the product to you in time for whatever event you purchased it for!

Update: Minutes after posting this I got my email from Target. I'm so shocked by their response. Not. 

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