Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tama's Birthday Party Invitations

I love planning for Tama's birthday party.  Although I made Tama's invitations over four months ago, I only got them finalized a couple weeks ago.  If only I had more time to do stuff like this. Anyways, for Tama's upcoming birthday, we decided to just invite 5 or 6 boys that are all Tama's age from church.  Since his 1st birthday was more for me and Bill, I thought I'd have this party more for him and his little buddies. 
Since we're doing a little airplane theme, I made little boarding passes as the invitation.  This was my inspiration for the invites.
I also added custom lining for the envelopes using this tutorial as a guideline.

I really wish I was skilled in calligraphy, but I did my best with the invitations using white graphite instead of ink.

I also added some custom stamps using a photo I took of Sacramento's riverwalk as the primary stamp.

Only one more week until his birthday!  I hope he has fun.

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