Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tama's Airplane Party!

Tama's airplane party was this past weekend and it was a BLAST!  I knew that I wanted to keep it very small and was limited to the amount of chairs I had at home!  Plus, since his 1st birthday was super huge with lots of guests, I wanted to keep it intimate and make it really all about Tama this year.  I made airplane themed invitations and hand delivered them to just a handful of Tama's friends.  Luckily, Tama has a bunch of little friends that were all born really close together and he has become really close to a lot of them. 

I had gotten these cute little foam airplanes at Target off of their $1 bins and thought they would be the perfect addition to the table.  I wrote each kid's name on the airplane and tied it to a balloon floating over their plate. 

I also made some simple wraps for the water bottles for the kiddies.  Since I couldn't find the mini- water bottles with the sports lids, I had to buy another pack of larger bottle waters and swapped the tops on them.  It was so much easier for the kiddies to drink out of without having to worry about straws etc.  

I used scrapbook paper from Michael's as the place mats for the kids.

The menu was super simple!  Just some home made pizza and yummy cupcakes.  I was a little concerned how the kids would do with sitting at a table all by themselves, but honestly, they were so amazing!  They all sat there in COMPLETE SILENCE as they gobbled up their pizza!  It definitely was a hit! In all the excitement, I forgot to get a picture of the pizza!

These yummy red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting was made using this recipe.  It was super yummy!  The cupcake toppers was made using the same atlas used for the pennant banners.

The birthday boy waiting for his friends to show up!

My husband found this great airplane at Wal-Mart of all places!  I loved it!  It was the perfect size for the room that I was having the party in and added just the right touch to the whole party! Plus, for less than $10, it was the perfect addition to the decor and the right price!  It came with some really atrocious stickers (as if I would really want a plane that says AIR HOG on it!) so I used some acrylic paint I had at home and painted it in my party's colors.  

The banners were made by my friend who had an old atlas that she used to make the pennant. Inspired by this site.

The map was something I had purchased a while back from this website and went great with the rest of the decor.

For party favors, I made airplane sugar cookies using this cookie cutter. I used a great recipe of my friends and managed to decorate it all on my own!  It was my first time really making sugar cookies and decorating cookies. Signage inspired by this website.

I put the cookies in these little plastic bags and used the same scrapbook paper I used for the place mats and folded it over on the top and added the "thank you" sticker I made.

Each kid also got a mini-suitcase of goodies.  I made these little luggage tags using the printables here and got them laminated at the local Office Max. I got the boxes from Michael's and each box had a little race car, ball, silly putty, crayons, and a slinky.

We only played one quick game called, "Pin the Propellor" (the r got cut off on this picture).  I got the idea from this website. I used brown craft paper and painted the little plane.  I made the propellors and had them printed in color on card stock.  Each propellor had each kid's name and in the center said, "Tama is Two".  It was a great little game.  Since all the kids were 2 also, it was just the right game: short, easy, and fun.

 The birthday boy, mama, and Elmo!

My best attempt at getting all the kids to stop running around long enough to snap a picture of them!
They had a blast and Tama was the happiest little kid all day!


Malinda Jane Sieg said...

Beka! You are amazing! Another hit birthday party!

sweet tea said...

wow! looks like a great party! thanks for all the ideas and links. :)