Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pretty Things

Image via The Beauty Department
So, what should I be doing?  I should probably use this time to paint my nails.  They totally need it!  It's one of those things that always falls to the side when I'm busy.  Instead, I am going to blog about doing my nails.  Ha ha!  I love this tutorial for mixed metal nail polish!  It's totally simple to do and I've really been wanting to do this. See the tutorial here. There's also another great one here.

Image via AZ Central

Aren't these pumpkins absolutely fabulous???  It's inspired by the Missoni for Target line.  This woman used paper and mod podge to apply the chevron print but I think painting it would be so much easier.  Must try for Halloween.

Image via Ampersandity

I have always had a soft spot for calligraphy.  I wish I was more skilled at it! Well, maybe I can just borrow someone else's skills with this super cool custom rubber stamp! Someday when I get my house, I am totally going to get one of these!

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that nail polish is awesome! I actually just posted about glitterly nail polish DIY on my blog a few days ago!

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