Sunday, December 12, 2010

Amanda + Jared

One of my bestest friends in the whole wide world is getting married to her eternal companion!  I am SOOOOO happy and excited for her and was only too happy to help with their wedding announcement! Can't wait for your wedding day!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tama's Dol | First Birthday Party!

This past weekend, we celebrated our Tama's 1st birthday with a super fun party!

I was inspired by STRIPES! Many hanboks (traditional Korean costumes) have stripes on the arms and I thought it would be a fun way to do lots of color!

Here's the invitation that I created for Tama's birthday party. Tiny Prints had a similar invitation but I wanted to adjust the colors to match the colors I had selected.

Professional images taken by Angella Dawn Photography!

For the dol table, I decided to go with a dessert and candy bar!
Needless to say, the children LOVED it!

Cupcakes by Cupcake Craving

My mother-in-law made a rainbow cake and had an edible image placed on top of the cake.

Lollipops were from Oriental Trading.

Rainbow jello. Time consuming, but beautiful!

I am also half Brazilian and made my favorite Brazilian dessert which are brigadeiros de coco. So delicious!!! It is made up of sweet condensed milk, coconut, and chocolate!

Happy birthday banner from Draw Pilgrim.

Lanterns from Target.

Candles from Target.

For the photo wall, I decided to print my favorite pictures of Tama for every week for the first year of his life. This project was much more emotional for me than I expected. When they say, "time flies!", it really does fly by way too quickly. For the banner, I used the template from the Happy Birthday banner and plugged in "52 Weeks".

These were my shoes that I wore at my dol back when I lived in Korea. I had to scrub them for a good hour to get them to be white again!

We got Tama's hanbok from a friend in Korea. We loved the vibrant colors!

I love this closeup of Tama! He's too cute!

I made these pennant banners out of construction paper, raffia, and double sided tape. Out of all the hand made projects, this one took the most time to do by far! But, it was ultra cheap, high impact, and relatively easy to do. It just took lots of my time. I tried to do a little bit every night after Tama went to bed. The alternative would have been to use fabric, but I didn't want to pay for fabric, cut it, and then find a sewing machine to borrow in order to sew it together... so I went with construction paper! I was very happy with the result.

For party favors, guest got a swirl pop and the kids also had these mini-takeout boxes which I got from World Market that they were able to fill with their favorite treats before they left.

I apologize in advance for this horrible picture. I took this picture with our really crummy camera. This setup was right next to the door for people to grab party favors on their way out. The picture above the lollipops is an image of Tama holding the same lollipop.

At a Korean 1st birthday, an event called the doljabi occurs. The baby is placed in front of several items and the crowd urges the baby to select the item that they have bid on. At our party, we gave away a iHome alarm clock for ipods. For the doljabi board, I decided to design my own. I then had it printed at Costco to poster size. It was less than $20 to have a big poster printed and the quality was top notch!

Here's what the final setup looked like. (Picture taken with my horrible camera!) Buckets were from Target. I also made the raffle tickets too.

For the doljabi, Tama picked rice, which mean he'll have prosperity in his life. I was really surprised that he went with the rice because he's not really a fan of rice. I think he was just really hungry!

Of course, immediately after the rice, he went for his favorite book, I am the King. Tama LOVES this book. I thought for sure he'd go for that one. He decided to take a few minutes to look through the pages.

Another prize we gave away was a Target giftcard for completing a crossword puzzle that I came up with that was all about Tama. Table runners were cut out of a plastic tablecloth that I had found at Target.

Here's a couple of my favorite pictures of the kids at the party! It was so fun to see them having such a blast!

The big cake moment! Tama was a little unsure of the whole cake and candles, people singing, and all the kids crowding him however as soon as I walked away with the cake, Tama totally started crying. It was too cute.

We also had a secondary baby cake just his size. He still had tears on his face but he quickly got over it as soon as he tasted the yummy cream cheese frosting!


He is so happy right here! Totally focused!

Coming up for air.

Going back to grabbing fistfuls of cake!

I love the green booger of frosting! Too cute!

And then, the unthinkable happened, Tama dropped his cake on the floor.

He was devastated!

But playing in the sink quickly made the tears go away! He had so much fun playing in the sink!

Here's me and Tama after his "bath".

Our little family plus Bill's mom.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Princess Grace Photography

One of my dearest friends asked if I would make her some business cards for her photography business and I was only too happy to be able to make them for her! :) We wanted the emphasis to be on her name as it is most unique! Check her out here: HERE