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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Donut Grow Up 3rd Birthday Party!

We had a blast celebrating our little boy's 3rd birthday!  We had a donut-themed party and had a great protest in his honor! 

Our menu included: fruit kabobs, yogurt w/granola or m&ms, cereal, and lots of donuts!

Donuts from Natomas Donuts
Custom shirt from Exit17 Etsy Shop
Donut balloons from Amazon
Garland from Oh Happy Day
Donut Grow Up sign was handmade by me
Plates & Napkins from Oh Happy Day

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Superhero Printables!

Free printables from the superhero party! All you have to do to download is click on the top right corner of the PDF and you'll see a little arrow icon. Click on that and it'll take you to the PDF to download. If that doesn't work, leave me your email and I can send them to you.

Signs for the superhero themed games we played!


Lastly, I made these certificates for all the kids and added them to their gift bags.

Photo sources for bags: Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, Superman, Thor, Wonder Woman.
Photo sources for games:  Batman, Flash, Hulk, Superman

Superhero Party!

We celebrated my son's 4th birthday last month and had so much fun together!

When he woke up, he was so excited I just had to take a picture of him even though he was still in his pajamas.  The backdrop is San Francisco's skyline. I used poster board and cut out the skyline and taped it to our wall. The banner idea came from One Charming Party.

For the party favor bags, I used plain brown paper bags, printed out these superheroes in color which I found through Google images and glued them on.  I added some sleeves for Wonder Woman to make her a bit more modest. Inside the bags we had superhero Pez dispensers, superhero stickers, a superhero notebook, and some other fun trinkets. 

Oops. This picture is a little crooked.  Oh well.  I also made red capes for all the kids. 

We played a bunch of games with the kids. First, we had Superman Smash. The kids had to use their super strength to get the wall to fall. 

Hungry Hulk required the kids to throw balls into Hulk's mouth.  I used a huge cardboard box that my work was going to throw away and covered it with posterboard.  This was probably my favorite project. 

The Flash Dash required the kids to dash around a bunch of cones.

We also played capture the villain!  The kids LOVED this game and although there was quite a bit of chaos, it was really fun.

I made a piñata for his party.  Unfortunately, I asked the men to hang it up and they didn't see the holes I had punched in for them to string it up nicely. Instead, they came up with the ingenious (read: ridiculous) idea to hang it like this.  So much for all my hard work.  :)  But, the kids loved it. I used this tutorial for the piñata. 

The cake!  

We used  the printouts from One Charming Party again for his cake. We framed some of my husband's old comic books for the backdrop.

My son simply wanted chicken nuggets, strawberries, and apple juice for lunch so that is what I served.  While they ate, everyone enjoyed a short episode of a superhero show.

Enjoying the cake!

Superheroes Unite!

Invitations for Tama's 4th birthday party! I love how they turned out. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tama's Mustache Bash

Tama's third birthday was a huge mustache bash!  It was a lot of hard work but it was all worth it to see how excited Tama was for his birthday!

Here's a close up of all the homemade treats.

The gift table.

I tried to get a picture of all the kids before they got all crazy. 

I didn't plan any games for the kids, instead they just ran around like maniacs happy kids. We had pizza for lunch and after eating, we had cupcakes for all the kids!  This year, we decided to give all the kids their own candle to blow out.  

Tama chowing down on his cupcake.

We then opened Tama's smorgasbord of gifts.  Seriously, this kid got so many presents!  I kept telling Tama to never expect to get that many presents from us! :)  But really, it was super sweet and he LOVED, and I mean, LOVED, his presents.  This day will probably be better for him than Christmas!  Ha ha.

Bill and some of the boys with their munchstaches. What a fun birthday!  What are we going to do next year???

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Invitations for Tama's 3rd Birthday

Although I had posted Tama's birthday invitations a little while ago. I wanted to post the final package that each kid got.

I made shirts for each of the kids to wear to the party. They're going to be all so cute in their matching shirts!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weddings: C & G

A couple samples of the wedding invitations made for a lovely couple.  I loved their simple and elegant style. I'm sure their wedding will be gorgeous!

Logo: Squeak Boutique

 Some samples of a fun logo for Squeak Boutique. They are planning on selling children's shoes.

Note: I am no longer providing logo services.

Logo: Lydian

Note: I am no longer providing logo design.

Mustache Bash

I'm really behind on posting. Here's Tama's birthday party invitations.  He is surprisingly super excited about having a mustache bash.  This kid is the coolest.